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Once a colleague pinpointed who we really are “Wanari, the hungarian software development company incorporating everyday fun into exceptional craftsmanship.” and we couldn’t agree more. Go to Wanari Tech Blog
Go to Wanari Tech Blog

Each one of us values easy-to-maintain, well-written code that adheres to the specification. And every team member is a character. Wanari isn’t just the sum of its parts, our true strengths lie in our team efforts.

18 years of Wanari resulted in a culture that’s open, efficient, professional, yet extremely exciting. We look forward to Mondays, and we spend time together on some weekends. We have made conscious efforts to become our best possible versions.

We value simplicity, honesty and believe in the power of careful planning and precise execution. Easy-to-maintain code is secured by regular code reviews and monthly coding dojos, while we have fun staff get-togethers at least once a month.

The Crew.

Norbert Farkas

Attila Regős

Norbert Farkas

Norbert Farkas



Our CTO has quite the Wanari experience, he joined the team in 2005 and has been going strong ever since. Read more about his career in this in-depth interview about him and his team.

So, this guy is a certified bartender. Our fun and insightful leader is a CTO-became-CEO. His remarkable ability to juggle staying up-to-date on technologies, while educating himself about management, and even sales techniques, makes him a resource any member of the team can turn to. His current explorations lie in the business implementation of lean methods. ...and yes, he is even a certified bartender.

No surprise he’s always led an active and full life. He loves the early hours of dawn, too, when the city and his inbox are quiet, giving him a couple of hours to really focus on issues that matter to the business.

All the while, as a father of two, he has now learned to leave the office by 6 PM… on most days anyway. 🙂

His favorite color is red and his favorite piece of advice is “Choose the right tools for the right job.”

The Crew.

How about you?

We live by the words 'Life is too short not to work somewhere awesome.' If it's true of you, too, Wanari might just be the place for you.

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Know your developer

Are you working together with a developer, but have no idea what kind of developer he or she is? (Let's call him/her Sam for the simplicity!) Are you afraid to ask? No problem! This test will help you to find it out immediately!

Akka JWT with RSA (asymmetric encryption algorithm)

Alex Sükein 2020-10-02
In our previous post, we dived into JWT generation and validation with RSA in Spring. Now let’s see how to do the same in Scala with Akka.

Spring JWT with RSA (asymmetric encryption algorithm)

Alex Sükein 2020-09-25
Let's say we have an "auth server" that signs tokens for us and a "resource server" where we store some pretty sensitive data. We trust the auth server and we want to validate that the JWT we get indeed comes from that trusted auth server. In other words, how can we be sure that the guy who wants to detonate our printers is using a JWT that is from that very auth server?

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