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A Wanari team in a sea of teams

AdNovum’s Marius was in need of a few extra hands on a project and decided to give Wanari’s hand-picked…

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BVF Heating Solutions

How Wanari turned a complex excel file into a beautiful new mobile app.

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The app was made for Nexon the leading payroll and human management specialist of Hungary.

Nexon Salary Calculator+ is a net & gross salary and employer cost calculator.<br><br>It calculates the total payroll costs in…

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Nitro Communications

Custom-made marketing automation system for the persistent digital marketer.

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Enterprise mobility for field workers and sales professionals.

Scolvo is a startup. Our team has helped them realize their dream of a product that integrates everything to everything.…

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Akka JWT with RSA (asymmetric encryption algorithm)

Alex Sükein 2020-10-02
In our previous post, we dived into JWT generation and validation with RSA in Spring. Now let’s see how to do the same in Scala with Akka.

Spring JWT with RSA (asymmetric encryption algorithm)

Alex Sükein 2020-09-25
Let's say we have an "auth server" that signs tokens for us and a "resource server" where we store some pretty sensitive data. We trust the auth server and we want to validate that the JWT we get indeed comes from that trusted auth server. In other words, how can we be sure that the guy who wants to detonate our printers is using a JWT that is from that very auth server?

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