A Wanari team in a sea of teams.

The Story

AdNovum’s Marius was in need of a few extra hands on a project and decided to give Wanari’s hand-picked team a try. A team of 4 developers started working on this international team in December 2015. They first had to get to know the project and the existing dynamics, only then could they start actually producing. They quickly showed to be effective and reliable and worked on the project for over a year.

The Crew

Ádám Bíró
Fullstack developer
Norbert Farkas
Vera Szikes
Frontend Dev
Gábor Pap
Backend developer


Java backend development for native mobile payment applications. The system’s backend was developed using Java EE, AngularJS, and the Arquillian test framework, moreover, the team created custom solutions for extremely product-specific issues.   


Managing Director AdNovum Hungary

Wanari’s team of 4 worked on a project of ours for over a year. We did have individual issues in the beginning, but friction was quickly resolved. This team was definitely more than the sum of its parts. Moreover, Wanari’s management communicated clearly and candidly and were always pleasant to work with. We were quite happy with how Wanari performed and would gladly take them onboard again.


Senior Software Engineer and Development Team Leader AdNovum Hungary

We got the support from the Wanari Team in our project for over a year. They integrated into the existing team flawlessly and were a big support for implementing the challenging project. As the development team leader, I was in contact with them on a daily basis and I can say with confidence that they proved to be a skillful, professional and reliable team. Besides the technical skills they also showed a lot of dedication, a positive attitude towards work and a great sense of humour. It was a real pleasure to work with them and I would be happy to welcome them in my team again at any time.

Key elements of the project


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