Nitro Communications

Custom-made marketing automation system for the persistent digital marketer.

Why Brain?

It is becoming a highly customizable tool for B2C marketers… scroll down for more!


The Team

Ádám Bíró
Fullstack developer
Norbert Farkas
Gábor Pap
Backend developer
Csenge Sóti
Fullstack developer
Alex Sükein
Fullstack developer
József Lakatos
Junior Backend Developer

Tech toolstack

Brain, this modern-age marketing automation system is built with modern technologies like Scala, Play! framework and Angular2.

How did this all happen?

The first version of this app we delivered in 2014. Back then we could simply call it a CRM that helped you automate your emails and measure their open rates. Together with Nitro Communications, we named it ’Brain’ because it could also help B2C marketers create data based on the behavior, responses, open rates of leads and prospects. Brain has proved to be a useful tool in its production stage, Nestlé used it for over a year.   Now, still keeping marketers of large corporations in mind, we are working on a new feature: a custom dashboard. Now marketers will be able to truly customize and see what they need only when they need it.


Head of Strategy Nitro Communications  
Brain is an extremely important project to me and to our company, as we see enormous potential in it both in Hungary and in Europe. I've been with responsible for it since the very beginning,, not surprisingly, I've always been picky about every step of its development. I am happy to say though that Wanari is taking such good care of the project. From its first version to Brain's latest new features, Wanari has been a trusted source of advice and an excellent development partner to Nitro Communications. I am confident that by the end of 2017, with the help of our joint efforts, Brain will become an indispensable tool for the marketers of the largest B2C and B2B enterprises.

Key Project elements


ongoing development

always-on project

marketing relevance