BVF Heating Solutions

How Wanari turned a complex excel file into a beautiful new mobile app.

The Story

Wanari’s Laci and BVF’s Viktor first talked in November, 2015. However, as the season for heating begun, Viktor had no time for dealing with a mobile app. Then, as March 2016 approached, the project had become clear: BVF needed to convert their quite complex excel file for calculating heat loss into a mobile app that anyone could use. This way customers and colleagues could both save time, money, and future frustration.

The Crew

Csenge Sóti
Fullstack developer


Cross platform mobile app development with Cordova. This app requires no backend/database to work and the Angular framework was used for frontends here.
Wanari developed the mobile app for the European head office of BVF, as it’s catching on and proving to be very useful for prospective clients, BVF is planning on customizing it for its franchise partners all over the world.

The Future of the App


  General Manager BVF Heating Solutions European head office    
Measuring customer needs perfectly, implementing the project creatively and rapidly. These are the characteristics we could use to describe our first project together with Wanari - which has already resulted in beginning the next ones. Our company group expects the highest of quality from its suppliers, just like it does of its own staff. This is why we were so happy when our prolonged search finally concluded in meeting a team that could help us extend our service structure with its work and solutions… demonstrating expertise. Working together has convinced us not to stop at mobile apps - we are also thinking enterprise solutions. We were especially happy about the team’s flexibility and that every meeting was lively and fun.

Project key elements