The app was made for Nexon the leading payroll and human management specialist of Hungary.

The beginning

Nexon Salary Calculator+ is a net & gross salary and employer cost calculator.

It calculates the total payroll costs in accordance with the prevailing laws, considering each section of the salary (personal base, bonus, cafeteria, company car, and mobile).

The Crew

Tamás Keller
Mobile Application Developer
Péter Pogonyi
Junior Android Developer
Gergő Törcsvári
Backend developer


The app runs on both the iOS and Android platforms. It is a true native application, its code base is still clean and easy-to-maintain.

What happened ever since

Wanari developed the first version of the mobile app in 2011. The laws keep changing from year to year, so we provide continuous support. The app keeps getting more and more useful as new features are implemented. Check it out!


  Marketing Nexon  
Quite a few things are needed in order to continuously develop and keep our Salary Calculator up to date: creativity, precision, technical readiness and even the quick understanding of new regulations. All of these things are present at Wanari and that’s why we’ve already been working with them for four years.

We loved most about this project

long-term collaboration

helpful to others

messy law changes from year to year